Thick wall spiral pipe main process characteristics
Spiral steel pipe main technical features: molding process, the steel plate uniform deformation, residual stress is small, looks not attack damage. Processing of spiral steel pipe on the diameter and wall thickness of the scale of the standard size more flexibility, especially in the production of high grade thick wall tube, especially small and medium caliber thick wall tube side has incomparable advantage over other techniques, can be satisfied with the user more requirements in terms of spiral steel pipe specification. And the use of advanced double-sided submerged arc welding process, welding can be done in the best position, not easy to render the wrong side, welding and other shortcomings and lack of penetration, simple manipulation of the welding quality. To check the quality of steel pipe for 100, make the whole process of steel tube produced under useful detection, monitoring, have land to ensure product quality. The whole production line all equipment has the function of accounting and machine data collection system networking, complete the data real-time transmission, by the central control room of the technical parameters in the process of producing. Spiral steel pipe before leaving the factory should be tested for mechanical properties test and flattening experiment and flaring.

To reach the specification rules requirements. Straight seam steel pipe quality test method is as follows: judging from the outside, in the appearance inspection. Procedures of the appearance of the welding joint inspection is a kind of concise and using a wide range of inspection method, is an important content of product inspection, the first is found that the weld appearance defects and the error of the scales. Generally after investigation to the naked eye, with the standard sample, gauge and a magnifying glass, etc) for inspection. If the present shortcomings of weld appearance, may exist within the weld has faults. Here are other connection method characteristic in detai