Spiral steel pipe needs to be done to the outer corrosion
Spiral steel pipe anticorrosion main is according to the requirements of the environment to decide, if the local particularly strong acidic or alkaline that have to do, anti-corrosion, if the spiral steel pipe for pipeline, also must do anti-corrosion. Spiral steel pipe common anticorrosion technology mainly include inside and outside the anti-corrosion two kinds.

Underground or underwater steel oil, gas, water supply, heat supply pipeline, steel structure, port, ship, sluices, gas tank, oil refining, chemical equipment, concrete pipe, sewage pool, the roof waterproof layer, toilet, basement, etc at the time of application of spiral steel pipe should be carried out anti-corrosive treatment.

When the spiral steel pipe used for thermal insulation pipe using, people usually don't do anticorrosive processing, thermal insulation pipe itself already contains the embalming process.